Monday, October 17, 2011

High School Football layout

You remember that great feeling from high school of beating your biggest rival?  Our oldest is a sophomore now, and going to the same high school as DH and I did.  The same rivalry, between the same two schools, still exists after more than 25 years.  Tomorrow night is the sophomore game, which got me thinking back to the freshman game from a year ago, and our big win, so I made a layout tonight.  Last year as freshmen, the boys won 26-7.  I'm hoping for the same type of game tomorrow night!  The title of the layout may seem a bit harsh, but it's all part of the decades-old rivalry against the Redbirds.    :)

  I used Alphalicious and MS Seasonal Cakes for the fonts.  The words TASTES and CHEWING are cut from a textured paper intended to appear as a leather football.  The only place I've ever seen the paper is at Hobby Lobby.  Redbird is made from felt letters.

All other cardstock is from Stampin' Up (as usual).  I used Old Olive, White, and Crumb Cake (which is no longer called CC). 

The football paper is from one of my favorite web stores, TheScrapCabana. The redbird from 50 States.  I made the "no" symbol with George and CDS.