Saturday, January 21, 2012

16 and Driving

Wow!  Our babies do grow up so fast.  DS got his driver's license in December, but it just doesn't seem possible.  I'm a bag of nerves every time he leaves home, so looking forward to the day when I don't worry quite as much.

It was fun creating a new driver's license layout, although the pictures taken at the driver's facility are "gone".  They were on my sons's phone.  He emailed them to me, then deleted them from his phone, and I must have accidentally deleted them from my email.  Ugh.  Not happy with myself over this, so I focused on his new truck for the layout instead.
The road and street signs are from the Disney Cars cartridge.  The key and 'clicker' are from Locker Talk.  The license plate frame is from Mickey and Friends, the state cut is from 50 States, and
'Illinois' is welded from Lyrical Letters. DSP and cardstock are Stampin' Up!. 

This layout was also my entry for the next round on the Practical Scrapper challenge, but I didn't make the last cut from 80 layouts down to 25 :(.   Oh well, no free prizes for me this time, but it motivated me to get to work in my scrap room, which is good!  Thanks to everyone who voted for me! 

Have a great weekend!  I'm excited for next Friday as Winter Craft Camp starts at 10:00 AM through noon on Sunday!  Girls' weekend away is always fun!


Pat N.

Wow, I think your layout is terrific! And don't worry too much. If he's been driving for a month, then that's already a good sign. My daughter had her new (used) car for 2 days and swerved to miss a deer and did some damage to it! Luckily she was fine but the car wasn't!--Pat N.


Great layout. Such a life turning point. I have to tell you though my daughter is 28, married with 2 kids and I still worry.